A Saturday morning micro-safari

Recently I’ve stumbled upon an interesting concept: a micro-adventure. In a micro-adventure, M. Humphreys invites us to explore our 5 to 9’s, our surroundings, with new glasses, stretching our comfort zone.

Meanwhile, this weekend, my plans got cancelled, my friends weren’t around to make other plans, and I ended up bored and lonely, looking for something to do. Sitting in a comfy chair, looking out my window, I saw George (or Georgette, I can’t tell), a squirrel who lives in the Marshall seedless red ash tree in front of my apartment. George has animated many of my staring-out-the-window sessions since I moved in. At that moment, he was refurbishing his nest by cutting the red ash tree branches with his teeth.

I started to snap shots of him. I perched myself on my balcony, trying to get the best angle of George, who now was grooming. Maybe he had noticed I was taking pictures of him. On the corner of my eye, I noticed a ladybug on my not-so-good-looking mint plant.

When I changed my position to get better lighting for the ladybug photo shoot, I noticed tiny, shiny eggs under one of the mint leaves. That might explain why my plant isn’t doing so well. My basil plant is right beside so I wondered if it got infected too. After a brief survey, I concluded that I will probably have to cull its leaves soon and make pesto. It’s August and the air is definitely getting colder. While examining my basil, I saw a little ant crawling on top of one of its stems, maybe to catch the last sun rays of summer.

I got back inside to look at all the micro-safari pictures I just took. I may have not stretched very far from the comfort of my home, but it was fun to see all the life that is nested in this peaceful and quiet, balcony-garden-under-an-ash-tree scenery.

Now, off to my next micro-adventure!



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