This is my Canada project: love the wilderness [repost]

Just before the Holidays, a good friend of mine, whose mind is always filled with millions of ideas, like a swarm of butterflies buzzes in his head, constantly, asked me to participate to his new project: This is my Canada. This is timely as Canada turns 150 years this year!

Briefly, he invites his friends to answer 5 questions about them in Canada: Tell me bit about yourself and your life in Canada? When you think about being Canadian what does it mean for you? What makes you happy about Canada? Where do you feel the happiest in Canada? What frustrates you about Canada? and Where would you like Canada to be in 25 years when we celebrate 175?

I enthusiastically joined the ride and my answers were published on my friend’s blog this week. What I love about this post is that my friend who initiated this project his now a Canadian but was initially an immigrant and my other friend who took my picture for this post, which is one of the best pictures of me, ever, is also a Canadian but of immigrant descents. When I wrote my answers, things were pretty awful in Aleppo and the USA, well more so than usual, which is not to say that they are good now. This tie in perfectly with what I wish for Canada’s future, with a sure dose of naivety but let’s dream big. Go check it out!


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