About me

I am a neuroscience researcher whose enthusiasm about all human things blossomed early on in primary school. My first science project in grade 6 was The Brain where I discussed ways to train the brain to do things it was not used to do. Then I left all these silly ideas on the side to devote my precious time and efforts to become an astrophysicist… That did not work. My path is a winding road, going from anthropology, to psychology, and finally to neuroscience. From afar, one could say that I’m an indecisive ambitious nerd. But from my perspective, I can tell you that this meandering trail summits in my passion for human beings.

All travel, however, consists of pauses too. This allow us time to take a breather, to contemplate what we have accomplished, and sneak a look at what we want to become. This is where I am. I love research, I love humans, and my future’s pretty foggy. I recently fell off the academic wagon and while I still have a foot in the door, I find that it is the outdoors that keep me in. It is through my outdoor adventures that I get the inspiration to observe my behaviors and those of the people sharing the trail with me. I started this blog, a year ago, because I had no job. My joblessness was a very human experience and I wanted to explore it in an unconfined way, that is, through this blog. Now that I am part of the “active” community again, I find it important to keep it up.

If words are not your thing, I invite you to visit my Instagram account. Hope you’ll enjoy!


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